roshan kumar pandian

selected peer-reviewed publications

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Population & Development Review

I am Assistant Professor of Sociology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. In 2020, I received my PhD from the Department of Sociology at Indiana University. Prior to SMU, I was a visiting faculty member at Grinnell College. My research and teaching interests include social stratification, globalization, development, gender, and quantitative methods. I study how globalization and political economy shape economic development, distributional outcomes, and gender relations. Most of my work is cross-national in scope and uses macro-comparative methods. For more information about my research, please view my CV or research page.

I teach courses on research methods and statistics, as well as courses in my substantive areas of interest.

In addition to my doctorate, I hold master's degrees in Applied Statistics and Sociology from Indiana University. Prior to attending IU, I obtained a BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

I can be reached by email at rpandian [at]