roshan kumar pandian


I examine how the forces of globalization and political economy shape inequality (both between and within countries) and gender relations. My research agenda is oriented toward three classic sociological questions: (1) how has the global reorganization of production near the turn of the last century affected developmental prospects for countries in the Global South, (2) how does globalization and political economy shape income inequality, poverty, and well-being within countries, both rich and developing, and (3) how do development and globalization shape gender relations and family systems. Below, I list published papers and works in progress that belong to each line of research.

globalization of production & development

"Does Manufacturing Matter for Economic Growth in the Era of Globalization?" 2017. Social Forces
"What is Really Happening with Global Inequality?" 2018. Sociology of Development (with Arthur S. Alderson)
"Explaining the Recent Decline in Global Inequality" R&R AJS
"GDP Overstatement in Authoritarian Countries and Global Inequality."
Under Review
"Economic Globalization and Employment Industrialization in the Global South."
In progress

political economy of income distribution & well-being

"Globalization of Production, Manufacturing Employment, and Income Inequality in the Global South." Under Review
"Globalization of Production and Union Decline in Rich Democracies."
In progress (with Matthew Mahutga and Manjing Gao)
"How Does Globalization Matter for Child Mortality in Developing Nations?"
In progress

gender, development, and globalization

"Educational Hypogamy and IPV in India" 2022. Under Review
"The Rise of Sonless Families in Asia and North Africa" 2022. Demography
(with Keera Allendorf)
"World Society Integration and Gender Attitudes in Cross-National Context." 2019.
Social Forces
"The Decline of Arranged Marriage? Marital Change and Continuity in India." 2016.
Population & Development Review
(with Keera Allendorf)