roshan kumar pandian


*indicates graduate-level course.
All courses listed below were taught at Indiana University.

quantitative methodology

*SOC-650 - Categorical Data Analysis - Instructor of Record

This graduate-level course deals with regression models in which the dependent variable is binary, nominal, ordinal, or count. Models that are discussed include probit and logit for binary outcomes, ordered logit and ordered probit for ordinal outcomes, multinomial logit for nominal outcomes, and Poisson regression and zero inflated models for count. This course is the second required course in the quantitative methods sequence in the IU sociology graduate program.
Prior to this, I was the lab instructor for two semesters when this course was taught by Prof. Scott Long.

*SOC-554 - Statistical Techniques in Sociology - Lab Instructor, with Prof. Patricia McManus

This graduate-level course provides a systematic introduction to the classical linear regression model used to analyze continuous outcomes. Students will gain an understanding of the foundational principles and assumptions of the linear regression model. Other statistical techniques for observational data are discussed including survey estimation, instrumental variable estimation, and structural equation models.
(taken from Prof. McManus' syllabus)


SOC-100 - Introduction to Sociology - Instructor of Record

The goal of this course is to provide students with a broad overview of the field of sociology and to help them develop an informed perspective on society. Students will develop and use critical thinking skills to explore issues related to power, political economy, inequality, class, race, gender, and other major social forces. While much of our discussions will deal with the American experience, the course will also adopt a comparative perspective and explore these issues in other societies, both past and present. In addition to learning about these topics through classical sociological theories and current research, students will discuss these issues in the context of current events.

SOC-110 - Charts, Graphs, and Tables - Teaching Assistant
SOC-100 - Introduction to Sociology - Teaching Assistant